⚝Online Free⚝ Jurassic Park Watch

⚝Online Free⚝ Jurassic Park Watch

  1. Laura Dern
  2. Rating: 8,4 of 10 stars
  3. USA
  4. Director: Steven Spielberg
  5. Writer: David Koepp






Simply put: Jurassic Park continues to inform and educate viewers about the dangers of science and technology while at the same time providing a beautifully told story about a theme park with dinosaurs as the main attractions. Over 25 years later and the effects are still as realistic as the messages within the film! One of the best and my favorite movie of all time.
Jurassic Park, which was released back in 1993, once held the record of the biggest film in history, where the world embraced it’s ideas and science of bringing dinosaurs back to life.
Steven Spielberg, working from the novel by Michael Crichton, returns to the terror he brought on the big screen in Jaws, and the results were completely magnificent.
Two paleontologists, played by Sam Neill and Laura Dern, are paid to give an endorsement to an amusement park unlike one ever made in history thanks to billionaire industrialist, John Hammand.
Closing out the cast are Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Malcolm, who is easily the funniest member of the cast and the two children Tim and Lex played by Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards.
All have come to experiences the world’s first dinosaur theme park where the extinct creatures have come back to life, and I do mean come back to life.
Audiences the world over saw this film multiple times over the summer of 1993, and this film’s visual effects even hold up to this day, even compared with James Cameron’s latest film, Avatar.
I say that Universal should re-release Jurassic Park in theaters for it’s 20th Anniversary and this time in 3D.
Director Joe Johnson is already at work on a second Jurassic Park trilogy and it’s great watching dinosaurs come to life like they did in this film. It’s definitely a timeless classic, and one of the most enjoyable films ever made further proving Steven Spielberg as the most successful director in history.


All right, maybe I’m super picky because I used to aspire to be a paleontologist, but has anyone else noticed that almost every dinosaur in this movie is from the cretaceous period. While I understand that “Cretaceous Park” is not the catchiest of titles, why couldn’t they at least use dinosaurs from the Jurassic period if they were going to call it by the title they chose. In any event, aside from dino details getting on my nerves, the movie wasn’t any kind of steaming crap pile or anything. I think my favorite thing about the movie is the soundtrack. It has it’s funny moments, i.e. (when the guy gets eaten off the toilet, etc. and it’s rather suspenseful moments with the raptors. Overall, I enjoyed it when I was a kid, except for little things like the fact that I knew that velociraptors were the size of chickens) but now, having gotten a little older it doesn’t quite excite me the way it used to. It’s a decent movie for what it’s worth, but nothing too incredibly special.