MovieTubeNow Movie Stream Athlete A

MovieTubeNow Movie Stream Athlete A

Duration 103 Minutes

8,4 of 10

Cast Rachael Denhollander

Director Jon Shenk

liked It 1726 Votes

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What a film of immense bravery!
I wanna commend the girls that stood up and told their story; how hard it must have been but how incredibly brave. Well done to all of you; what strength and courage you’ve all shown.
How frightening that these huge organisations, and wealthy individuals, know they can hide behind the law and get away with anything, something should be done to change it (I do know it’s much easier said than done.
Why do people in authority enable the abusers to abuse? Surely by knowing it is going on they too are abusers? They’re certainly not protecting the young people they are meant to be looking after! Please continue to fight to bring them to justice.

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Shocking documentary, showing the unbelievable lengths USA Gymnastics went to, to cover up decades of abuse.
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As a Romanian almost the age of Nadia Comaneci let me tell you I witnessed her age of glory and the hype around her: she’s been the hero of our generation! All Romanian girls wanted to become a gymnast at that time. But little by little it became clear for those able to read between lines that things were rotten in the world of gymnastics: Nadia has had a sheer luck to have a beautiful body she hasn’ t lost; the other evoluated differently and soon it was clear the exercises did more harm than good to a child development. Sure they were spectacular and eye-catching but girls became more and more masculine and short and hard to look at. I am speaking as a doctor (which I am) and tell you a sport is supposed to teach you concentration, disciplind, to enorce your development and provide you with a healthy constitution. Instead of this, gymnastics as it is practiced today is anti-feminine nature. Girls have to take hormonal medication to control their menses, they are injuring their pelvic area in their exercises, they get an underdeveloped stature, pelvis and breasts, an overdeveloped thorax and masculine musculature. Is this the beauty of a gymnast body! That Larry “doctor” explained the procedures he was using were designed to reposition the girls coccix – but why on earth should a young girl injure her coccix in an activity supposed to build her body, to start with? Who imagined these exercises? These are acrobacies not sport!
This excessive control and pressure over these girls weren’t necessary were the difficulty of the exercises and figures not so high and unnatural! I wish I won’t have to witness what gymnastics would look like in 20 ys from now on if this race against normal body performances will continue this way. br>
You want your girl to develop a beautiful body through exercises, make her do rhytmic gymnastics where you have elongations, stretching, grace, balance control and rhytm exercises! This sport is shamefully kept in shadow and deserves more attention.

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